All about medicine

"Anyone fearing new remedies, must tolerate old evil.“ (Francis Bacon)
What works in sports medicine for many years has now been established in various medical fields: from the treatment of chronic pain, stress associated diseases and orthopedics, dentistry and gynecology to the complementary oncology and many more.
The pulsating electromagnetic fields of the VITA-LIFE system have been proved to support cell regeneration and have so a positiv impact on the entire organism. Not only when it comes to the treatment of diseases, even in the active preventive health care the magnetic resonance stimulation is widely used.
An increasingly important demand to the medical science is to claim for perceiving human being as a unique whole and making contribution for a balanced and powerful life.
With the VITA-LIFE system you have available a tool that can support in many cases the healing process of patients. International research demonstrates the effectiveness of magnetic resonance stimulation and confirm the method as an useful addition to conservative therapies.

Medical request

As a special service we offer you the opportunity to have a knowledge based and individual recommendation concerning right application worked out by Dr. med Martin Gschwender, who acts as acknowledged expert in the field of magnetic resonance therapy. After careful completion of the request form you will learn how to use magnetic therapy in your particular case most effectively.


What you should have to bear in mind

In order to be able to reply to your medical request best, we kindly ask you to consider the following items:

  • The personal data must be filled in completely.
 For the classification of your medical history, information on gender, age, weight and occupation are very important.
  • If you have a cardiac pacemaker, please attach a copy of your pacemaker ID card.
  • Quote all medications which you take at regular intervals.
  • Feel free to attach any copy of medical reports or findings.

We are looking forward to your request!


Dr. Martin Gschwender


Dr. Martin Gschwender is an independent GP in Munich, Germany. For more than 15 years he has been using magnetic resonance therapy in the treatment of various diseases in his daily work. With his extensive experience and high competence in general and complementary medicine he has been serving medical training and the medical hotline with VITA-LIFE for many years - according to his credo: "... do not think in terms of problems, but solutions ..." Apart from his professional commitment he is an enthusiastic triathlete, mountain biker and skier.