VITA-LIFE at the workplace

As an entrepreneur you take responsibility for your employees from whom you can expect the best performance. But only a balanced and healthy employee can give top performance. Successful companies assist their employees to remain strong and healthy by offering a holistic approach to health within the company.

The use of VITA-LIFE magnetic resonance stimulation as a tool for this is particularly simple since the application represents a welcome benefit in everyday's working life. With only one application per day for just a few minutes each employee benefits from stimulating his entire cell system. Controlled by a biofeedback-sensor the VITA-LIFE system can calm-down or energise your employee. Pure relaxation – and this without any effort – just by laying down!

The performance curve of all people during a normal working day is very similar. As the ability to concentrate has its peak in the morning it falls rapidly in the afternoon which can be opposed efficiently with the application of the magnet resonance system.

Just using the VITA-LIFE R-System for a few minutes a day (8 or 16 minutes) that promotes and improves the power of concentration and expands the activity phases. Especially with irregular working hours and in times of increased stress due to work load it is up to you as employer to support your staff in the best possible way. Active prevention with magnetic resonance stimulation will reduce in the long term downtimes caused by sicknesses.

An investment in the health and well-being of your employees can only be your gain!