Into the future with VITA-LIFE

We at VITA-LIFE we are convinced that everyone should get the opportunity to use magnetic resonance stimulation in order to live a more conscious and active life. For more than 15 years we have beeing the pioneer and market leader in the field of magnetic resonance stimulation in German speaking countries.

During the past 5 years the clientele expanded beyond the borders of Austria, Germany and Switzerland into many European countries - in part to the entire world up to Australia, Indonesia and South America. Today we can be proud to have won more than 150,000 enthusiastic customers for the magnetic resonance stimulation within the last 15 years.

Due to global expansion we are seeking this position to reach worldwide. With the creation of VITA-LIFE Asia in Singapore in January 2010, we have taken an important milestone in this direction.

If you make this step together with us you are warmly welcomed. Mutual appreciation and resuming responsibility for each other are not just words but our corporate philosophy. We consider ourselves as a community which includes our customers, employees and partners committing to the same objective. We work hand in hand with the aim to support our strong brand VITA-LIFE. In doing so we are able to achieve sustainable success for all parties involved.

VITA-LIFE promotes a life of responsibility for everbody's own body and mind, for our fellow human beings and for nature and the environment. Independent commitment and continuous personal development of all partners form this basis.